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The article provides an overview of how the EU Member States have modified their domestic data privacy law in the following core areas: (1) domestic legislation (2) definitions; (3) relevant authority; (4) registration requirements; (5) data protection officers (DPO); (6) collection and processing; (7) data subject rights; (8) data transfer to third counties; (8) security of personal data; (10) data breach notification; (11) enforcement; (12) data processing in employment context; (13) provisions relating to specific processing situations (chapter 9 GDPR); (14) electronic marketing; (15) online privacy; (16) other notable domestic regulations. EU Member States without finally adjusted domestic data privacy law are listed indicating the current status of the domestic legislative process.
Wissenschaftliche Dienste des Deutschen Bundestags, 27.7.2018
Am 27.7.2018 hat der Deutsche Bundestag eine Ausarbeitung der Wissenschaftlichen Dienste zur Ausweitung polizeilicher Befugnisse in Deutschland und Europa veröffentlicht. Hintergrund sind Überlegungen zu einem bundesweiten Musterpolizeigesetz.
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